Onterra Completes Early Summer Survey for EWM

Onterra, LLC., recently completed an early summer Eagle River Chain of Lakes survey for Eurasion Water Milfoil (EWM). Onterra, headquartered in De Pere, WI, provides a variety of lake-related services ranging from science-based diagnostic and feasibility studies to comprehensive lake management plans consisting of aquatic plant inventories, stakeholder education, watershed and water quality analysis, and implementation plan development.

Onterra was hired by the Unified Lower Eagle River Chain of Lakes Commission (ULERCLC), with support from our organization to complete two biomass surveys per year. The first survey was just completed. The second will be completed in early September, and is referred to as the Peak Biomass Survey, which allows Onterra to survey at a time when the EWM is at it’s peak growth. Both surveys provide critical data used by the ULERCLC and ERCLA with the help from Onterra’s expertise to manage the Chain’s EWM population from year to year.

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