Yellow Loosestrife


In 2013 Riparians noticed a non-native plant growing in the bog islands on Cranberry Lake. This yellow blooming plant was identified as Garden Yellow Loosestrife, which typically grows three to six feet tall. The blooming season for this invasive is from mid to late summer and, like Purple Loosestrife, Garden Yellow Loosestrife forms dense stands in wetlands and crowds out native vegetation. It appears to spread to new areas via seeds from existing plants and through the rhizomes spreading underground.

Since 2013 was the first time Garden Yellow Loosestrife was found on the Eagle River Chain of Lakes, surveys to track this invasive were done in 2013 and 2014. At that time, it was seen growing in wetland areas of Cranberry Lake.

Since that time, Garden Yellow Loosestrife is also now present on Catfish Lake and volunteers are actively monitoring this species to learn more. Volunteers are also establishing a five year test plot was revisited in 2019 to determine its rate of growth and spread. Through GPS waypoint locations and other data being shared with the Vilas County Mapping Department, a map is available showing where this invasive was found growing in 2016.

You may learn more about this invasive species from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources website.