T-Docks Planting of 300 Native Plants Along the Shoreline


Recently a team of ERCLA member volunteers and Quita Sheehan from the Vilas County Land and Water Conservation Department met at the T-Docks Landing on Yellow Birch Lake to plant over 300 native plants along the shoreline. The scope of the project is to create a demonstration shoreline buffer to show ERCLA riparians how they can add more native plant species to their shoreline buffers and do so in an aesthetically pleasing way. Improving the diversity of plants will enhance pollinator and wildlife habitats and reduce soil erosion. ERCLA would like to thank Ed Bonack, George Katich, Deb McGee, Jim Ehler, Steve Skora, Sue Skora, Sue Groth, Pat Peterson, Jody Voight, Marc Groth and Quita Sheehan for their time and effort.












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