About Us

Eagle River Chain of Lakes Association (ERCLA)

ERCLA was formed in 2001 when a group of dedicated volunteers came together with the common goal to maintain, protect and improve the quality of the Eagle River Chain of Lakes and its shoreland area.

In the beginning, we worked closely with the individual lake associations to accomplish our goals. In 2017, this changed and at the end of the year all individual lake associations were dissolved. The individual associations funds were combined with ERCLA, and as a single entity ERCLA represents the Eagle River Chain of Lakes.

Lake Captains represent the Riparians of each lake and the tributaries of the Eagle River, the Wisconsin River, the Deerskin River, Mud Creek and Rice Creek.

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ERCLA works closely with the Unified Lower Eagle River Chain of Lakes Commission, a local, publicly-funded entity comprised of the City of Eagle River and the towns of Washington, Cloverland and Lincoln. The Commission applies for DNR grants which fund the management of Aquatic Invasive Species, with the most significant being Eurasian Water Milfoil.

ERCLA provides education regarding issues important to the Chain and the rivers that are a part of the Chain. ERCLA also advocates on behalf of more than 1,700 Chain property owners.

As of September 2022, ERCLA had 935 members, representing 53% of waterfront property owners.

Board of Directors

Position Name Phone
PresidentChuck Berg312-927-3365
VP OperationsJody Voight262-287-4521
AIS CoordinatorDave Mueller715-297-6636
SecretaryTeri Stecker920-428-6743
TreasurerDave Cyrtmus715-218-2956
Director at LargeBill Lochte715-477-1999

Lake Captains

Lake Name Captain Phone
CatfishSteve Wagner262-444-8882
CranberryMichael Queoff262-707-4214
DuckMarc Groth847-951-1761
EagleTom Batterman715-409-6768
LynxBill Krostue920-470-3522
OtterDave Mueller715-297-6636
Scattering RiceLiz Roskopf715-216-3838
VoyageurTeri Stecker920-428-6743
WatersmeetHugh (Skip) McCann847-274-9792
Yellow BirchGeorge Katich847-309-4008

Lake Co-Captains

Lake Name Co-Captain Phone
CatfishSteve Skora847-293-4393
CranberryJohn Haunfelder262-442-4016
DuckStephen Burr715-891-6100
EagleChristine D’hondt773-551-8721
OtterJody Voight262-287-4521
Scattering RiceAlan Queoff715-617-2476
Scattering RiceMark Brenner815-298-8582
VoyageurMark Slonski708-738-5925
WatersmeetDan Newitt715-891-0549
WatersmeetRoger Rosenthal847-812-4903
WatersmeetSteve Dalbec847-409-1500
Yellow BirchBill Morgan847-254-9623