Other Projects

ERCLA Additional Programs

ERCLA contributes to programs that align with our efforts for lake management and the eradication of Aquatic Invasive Species.

Many volunteers provide time, efforts and funding for these programs that are important to our efforts to properly maintain the Eagle River Chain of Lakes.

Shoreline Restoration

The process of restoring a shoreline is one of stabilization and re-vegetation. Typically, shorelines deteriorate for a reason and the most likely reason has to do with people.  An example, boat wakes is one of the more common shoreline erosion problems.

There are resources available to help you with erosion restoration solutions. ERCLA encourages do-it-yourselfers to explore different ways to protect your shorelines.  Also, the WDNR and the Vilas County Land and Water Conservation Department have made grants available to riparian owners who wish to return their shore land to a more natural state.

We are committed to working with you by providing additional information or answering your shoreline restoration questions - contact us by email.


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Northland Pines School District
Northland Pines School District

College Scholarships

ERCLA believes in helping high school students achieve their dream of a college education and offers a $1,500 annual scholarship each spring.

One of the requirements to be eligible for the ERCLA scholarship is applying students must be going into an environmental program. Details are provided to Northland Pines High School each year, and students are notified when a winner is selected.

Navigational Buoys

There are more than 100 marked buoys placed on the Eagle River Chain of Lakes each year. The Town of Cloverland, the Town of Washington, the Town of Lincoln, and the City of Eagle River all provide the majority of the funding necessary for this program. ERCLA also assists with funding for the maintenance and replacement of the buoys.

View the Wisconsin DNR Boating Ordinances and Waterway Markers Information.

Boat Landing sign 1

Boat Landing Signs

Recognizing that navigating the Eagle River Chain can be challenging to visitors, ERCLA has placed helpful 4' x 8' signs at the Catfish, Yellow Birch, and Eagle Lake public boat landings, and at the Chain O'Lakes Campground boat landing on Cranberry Lake.

These signs have a complete map, courtesy of Vilas County Mapping Department, including boat landings, marinas, restaurants, picnic areas, boat rentals, swimming areas and campgrounds.