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ERCLA Volunteers Refreshed ERCLA’s Invasive Species Pink Bucket Program.

On Monday, May 13th, a group of ERCLA volunteers completed a refresh of ERCLA’s invasive species Pink Bucket Program.

Marc Groth, Tom Batterman, Jody Voight and Steve Skora

At each of the seven primary boat landings on the chain, individuals will now see new buckets and cleaned bins with new ERCLA stickers for our Pink Bucket Program. These bins contain buckets for anyone using our landings to collect weeds and potential invasive species from boats and trailers prior to entering our chain.

The buckets are also available to take in your boat to collect weeds encountered during your outing on the chain. Anglers that snag weeds, skiers and tubers that collect weeds on their tow lines, etc., can collect weeds in these buckets and when they return, deposit them in the trash containers at each of the landings.

We ask that you return the buckets to the bins when you are done, and that you discard all weeds collected into the trash containers provided at each landing. Please do not use the ERCLA bins as trash receptacles.

Thank you for helping to protect and preserve the health of the Eagle River Chain of Lakes.

Earth Day Kick Off of the T-Docks Landing Shoreline Restoration Project

The ERCLA Restoration Committee along with other ERCLA volunteers along with Quita Sheehan from Vilas County Land and Water got together on Earth Day to kick off the T-Docks Landing Shoreline Restoration project located on Yellow Birch Lake. The project is a collaboration between ERCLA, Vilas County Land and Water, and the City of Eagle River.  The project’s objectives are erosion control, enhance the vegetative diversity for pollinators and birds, deter geese, enhance ERCLA’s commitment for continued grants, and provide educational opportunities for Eagle River Chain homeowners and visitors who use the T-docks boat landing. The group spent the morning weeding out the thistle and spreading seeds of various types of grasses in among the existing sedge grasses.

Eagle River Chain of Lakes Shoreland Condition

By Marc Groth, Shoreline Restoration Chair and Duck Lake Captain

One of the most vulnerable areas of a lake’s watershed is the immediate shoreland zone (from the water’s edge to 35’ from shore). When this 35’ buffer is developed, the increased impervious surface, removal of natural vegetation and other human practices can severely increase pollutant loads to the lake while degrading important habitat.  Limiting these man-made effects on the lake is important in maintaining the quality of the lake’s water and habitat.

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ULERCLC Meeting to Take Place on Thursday, February 15, 2024

Meeting of the Unified Lower Eagle River Chain of Lakes Commission (ULERCLC) will take place on Thursday, February 15, 2024, at 12:00 pm, at the Eagle River City Hall, 525 E. Maple, Eagle River, Wisconsin.

To view the full agenda click here.

To view the previous ULERCLC meeting notes from November 16, 2023, click here.


Wake Boat Legislative Update Regarding the Eagle River Chain of Lakes Watershed and Ecosystem

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Onterra LLC’s Findings of EWM Levels on the Chain

The Vilas County News Review reports on Onterra LLC’s findings of Eurasian water milfoil levels on the chain.

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Onterra, LLC to Release the 2023 Eagle River Chainwide Lake Management Results

Save the Date: On Wednesday, November 15th at 7:00 PM, representatives from Onterra, LLC, who provide lake management planning services, will release the 2023 Eagle River Chainwide Lake Management results and the 2024 plans.

This session will be hosted by the Town of Washington at 2301 Town Hall Rd, Eagle River. ERCLA representatives and Commission members will be in attendance. This meeting is open to the public and impacts every property owner on the Chain.

2023 Annual Membership Meeting

Join us for the Annual Membership Meeting on July 30th. Hosted by Braywood.

Business Meeting at 10:30 am, followed by Educational Event and Picnic.

View the Meeting agenda here.

Please RSVP to moc.liamgnull@enilnoalcre or 920-428-6743.

Vilas County to Implement User Fees at Parks and Boat Landings

By Katie Thoresen, WXPR Public Radio

Vilas County will soon require parking permits at many of its parks and boating landings.

“Our use has gone way up with COVID and everything and renewed insurgence of people wanting to get outdoors,” said Todd Bierman, the Vilas County Parks and Recreation Supervisor.

Like much public land during the pandemic, Vilas County has seen the usage of its parks and boating landings increase dramatically in the last few years.

The increased use has also meant more wear and tear on facilities and infrastructure.

“Nothing you put in lasts forever. A need for maintaining it and improving it has come to a point,” said Bierman.

Bierman says the county board unanimously approved implementing the fee system after more than a year of discussion among the forestry, recreation, and land committee.

The money from the fees will go into the county’s general fund.

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ERCLA Sponsoring Free Vessel Safety Checks

ERCLA Sponsoring Free Vessel Safety Checks

On Saturday, June 3, 2023, the Eagle River Chain of Lakes Association (ERCLA) is partnering with the Central District Chapter of the U.S. Power Squadron to host free vessel safety checks at Riverview Park from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm.

The park is located on the south side of the Highway 45 bridge in Eagle River. Bring your vessel by water and park under the bridge, or bring it on a trailer to Riverview Park. The inspection takes less than 15 minutes.

Inspectors are not law enforcement. They are volunteers promoting safe boating, and will answer questions about navigation and talk to you about required safety items needed on your vessel.

When your vessel passes inspection, you will receive a report and sticker.

If you have any questions, please email Michael Queoff or call (262) 707-4214.

ERCLA wishes everyone a fun and safe boating season!