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2021 EWM Project Results

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Onterra Completes Early Summer Survey for EWM

Onterra, LLC., recently completed an early summer Eagle River Chain of Lakes survey for Eurasion Water Milfoil (EWM). Onterra, headquartered in De Pere, WI, provides a variety of lake-related services ranging from science-based diagnostic and feasibility studies to comprehensive lake management plans consisting of aquatic plant inventories, stakeholder education, watershed and water quality analysis, and implementation plan development.

Onterra was hired by the Unified Lower Eagle River Chain of Lakes Commission (ULERCLC), with support from our organization to complete two biomass surveys per year. The first survey was just completed. The second will be completed in early September, and is referred to as the Peak Biomass Survey, which allows Onterra to survey at a time when the EWM is at it’s peak growth. Both surveys provide critical data used by the ULERCLC and ERCLA with the help from Onterra’s expertise to manage the Chain’s EWM population from year to year.

2020 Final EWM Report

Onterra, the lake management consulting firm that directs milfoil management for the Unified Lower Eagle River Chain of Lakes Commission, has provided the final report of the 2020 EWM management program on the Chain.

The reports are listed by lake on the Commission website. Each report contains chainwide treatment results and conclusions, and lake-specific summary and conclusions. The 2021 chainwide treatment strategy is also outlined.

View the Report here.

In addition, Onterra has provided a new interactive Eagle River Chain EWM map.  You can click on various layers of the map, such as hand-harvesting sites or EWM colonies, and get additional information in a pop-up window. You can toggle layers, change base maps, measure distance and acreage, and print your own maps.

Check it out here.


Be sure to visit the Commission’s website for complete information on the milfoil management program on the Eagle River Chain.

2019 Final Report of EWM Management Program

Onterra, the lake management consulting firm that directs milfoil management for the Unified Lower Eagle River Chain of Lakes Commission, has provided the final report of the 2019 EWM management program on the Chain.

How Did We Do with Milfoil Management This Year?

Onterra, the lake management consulting firm that directs milfoil management for the Unified Lower Eagle River Chain of Lake Commission, recently presented the results of this year’s milfoil management program and outlined the strategy for 2020.

ERCLA Supports Wisconsin Shoreland Initiative

The Wisconsin Shoreland Initiative was formed in 2015 to organize a response to the attack on the Eagle River Chain of Lakes and the area rivers by legislative actions taken as part of the state budget process (Act 55).

That one amendment to the budget removed much of the local control of lakes and ended years of informed data driven regulations of riparian properties. It also removed the Vilas County Lake Classification System that was put together to balance property rights with protection of the lakes and rivers in this area.

The Wisconsin Shoreland Initiative is ERCLA’s lobby group. Visit the Wisconsin Shoreland Initiative website for more information on the efforts to regain local government control.

Lake Management Plans Available

Visit our lake management page to view the plans.

Lakeshore Property Valuation and Vilas County Economy

34% of Vilas County is comprised of wetlands, which includes lakes and other wet areas. “Wet” property owners pay a large portion of the County’s taxes. Seasonal homeowners and tourists spend a lot. Download your copy of this informative document that spells out everything you want to know about the wetlands of Vilas County, property taxes paid for the wet properties, and how the economy is impacted.

Chain Fish Survey Results Available

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources conducted a comprehensive fish survey of the entire Eagle River Chain of Lakes in 2013 and 2014. Download your copy of the fisheries information sheets to learn what they found. You may also download the creel survey reports to learn more.