ERCLA Volunteers Refreshed ERCLA’s Invasive Species Pink Bucket Program.

On Monday, May 13th, a group of ERCLA volunteers completed a refresh of ERCLA’s invasive species Pink Bucket Program.

Marc Groth, Tom Batterman, Jody Voight and Steve Skora

At each of the seven primary boat landings on the chain, individuals will now see new buckets and cleaned bins with new ERCLA stickers for our Pink Bucket Program. These bins contain buckets for anyone using our landings to collect weeds and potential invasive species from boats and trailers prior to entering our chain.

The buckets are also available to take in your boat to collect weeds encountered during your outing on the chain. Anglers that snag weeds, skiers and tubers that collect weeds on their tow lines, etc., can collect weeds in these buckets and when they return, deposit them in the trash containers at each of the landings.

We ask that you return the buckets to the bins when you are done, and that you discard all weeds collected into the trash containers provided at each landing. Please do not use the ERCLA bins as trash receptacles.

Thank you for helping to protect and preserve the health of the Eagle River Chain of Lakes.

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