Vilas County to Implement User Fees at Parks and Boat Landings

By Katie Thoresen, WXPR Public Radio

Vilas County will soon require parking permits at many of its parks and boating landings.

“Our use has gone way up with COVID and everything and renewed insurgence of people wanting to get outdoors,” said Todd Bierman, the Vilas County Parks and Recreation Supervisor.

Like much public land during the pandemic, Vilas County has seen the usage of its parks and boating landings increase dramatically in the last few years.

The increased use has also meant more wear and tear on facilities and infrastructure.

“Nothing you put in lasts forever. A need for maintaining it and improving it has come to a point,” said Bierman.

Bierman says the county board unanimously approved implementing the fee system after more than a year of discussion among the forestry, recreation, and land committee.

The money from the fees will go into the county’s general fund.

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